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Coronavirus Update

The Shop is now open and following all required safety guidelines.

To all my customers, during these difficult times I would like to reassure you that myself and my staff are doing everything to keep your life on track.  The shop is now open and we are follow all the required Government guidelines. So if you are having any troubles with your technology internet based or not please don't hesitate to call., or drop in. We may be able to help over the phone, but if not and you require a visit you can rest assured i will be taking all the necessary precautions that a health visitor would take, to try and stop the spread of coronavirus. If we have to have to do a doorstop pick up then not a problem, if we need to come in then we will stay at the required distance.

Our aim  is to do everything we can as safely as we can.

Safety Tips During this time

There is already a rise in online and phone scams. PLEASE do not let anyone remotely log in to your computer, regardless of what they tell you. They pray on the vulnerable and will exploit everything you say to gain information.

Do not phone anyone for support unless you know and trust the person you are calling.

Be very careful of any link to videos and news alerts that you see popping up on Facebook and other social media.

Do not click on any link in an email even if it from somebody you trust.

Other Advise

There is a huge spike in price over inflation and demand for tech consumables. Although some of the prices seem normal theses companies are exploiting the postage costs.

Printing: Conserve you ink, try and print everything in BW or in draft quality, this will conserve the life of your ink.

Dont buy the imitation inks and check the delivery dates and cost of everything you buy.

Online shopping: Make sure that any online shopping or purchasing you do is from a reputable firm, do not believe all of these small firms that are coming to the forefront claiming to be able to do everything at half the cost. THEY ARE SCAMMERS.

Wishing everyone the best and stay safe

Andy and the Team